Agricultural investments and farmland investments are a great way to diversify into a real estate investment that yields income and as well as appreciation. Not to mention with the world's growing population agricultural investments is a smart investment.

We specialize in offering unique alternative investments to diversify investment portfolios for small individual investors to university endowments to family offices.

Our main focus is in alternative investments that are grounded in real estate. No stocks, IPO's, or pie in the sky investments. Why? With real estate you have a basic asset that cannot go to zero.

Additionally we offer the following services

  • Foreign Corporations & Business Setup
  • Offshore Planning
  • Asset Protection Planning
  • Residencies
  • Citizenships

And for US Citizens and Permanent Residents:

  • Self Directed IRA's for Investments
  • USA Tax Planning
  • Foreign Real Estate Exchanges

Please contact us so we can learn a little more about you - and you can learn a little more about the alternative investments and services we offer.

We have a variety of farmland investments available from private placements, to individual farms for sale, to farm fund investments, as well as managed farmland investments in fruit, timber, and teak....

Colombia Farm Investment

Colombia Coconut, Teak and Cattle Production in the South American Tropic Zone. Located in the Caribbean coastal region of Colombia, Ganaderia Pietrasanta (GP) is a 1270 acre (514 ha) majestic tropical landscape. Comprised of 164 acres (66 ha) of high quality Teak 488 acres (197 ha) of intensive grass fed Cattle grazing And an ongoing […]

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Panama Pineapple Farm Investment

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